Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Ambassador Sayan Koytak was born in İstanbul on 1979. She studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Istanbul University, completed Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer Science and Communications Engineering at Duisburg-Essen University in Germany.

Worked as a research assistant at a number of German Universities between 2003-2005.

In 2005 she returned to Turkey and started working as a Foreign Policy Advisor at Turkey’s Ruling Party. From 2008 to 2016, she served as a Foreign Policy Advisor to Turkish Prime Minister at the Prime Ministry. At 2016, she was appointed as Deputy Undersecretary at the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

She participated and represented Turkey at numerous international programmes. Among them are Munich Young Leaders Programme at Munich Security Conference (2008), German Academy of Security Studies (2011), and GMF’s Marshall Memorial Fellowship (2011).

On 26 October 2017, H.E. Ayse Hilal Sayan Koytak was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kuwait.

Married and mother of two children. Fluent in Turkish, Kurdish, English, German and intermediate in Arabic.


Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytak Ambassador
Sunday - Thursday

09:00 - 17:00

08:30 - 13:30
1/1/2019 1/2/2019 New Year
5/5/2019 5/5/2019 Eid al Isra' Wal Mi'raj
7/4/2019 7/7/2019 Eid Al-Fitr
8/11/2019 8/14/2019 Eid Al-Adha
10/2/2019 10/2/2019 Hijri New Year
12/12/2019 12/12/2019 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad